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Its been a while since my last blog post and my life has been busy.  Mostly good stuff - but not all.  The sad thing first:

One of my dearest friends in the whole world Steve Blumberg passed away on Thanksgiving evening after a long battle with his health.  I’d been friends with Steve for almost 50 years and he was a groomsman in my wedding.  He lived with me in my first house away from my parents, and we lived together in various locations until I married Carol.  Steve worked at both of my furniture stores in the “first half” of my business career.  He decided to change careers shortly after I did, and we worked together in the bridal industry for over 20 years; until he retired in 2017.  Everyone who knew Steve loved him; he was well respected in the industry by his accounts, his fellow sales reps, and the designers he worked for.  He was a true family man, and was most proud of his 2 sons Matt and Michael, and his 2 grandchildren.  His sons took charge near the end and made some difficult decisions that young men shouldn’t have to make.  He "cared" for his wife Gigi who had MS for over 25 years, and cooked all of the meals.  He LOVED to cook!

I was able to spend some quality time with Smokey in the last few months -  driving him to treatments and doctors’ appointments; he’s always been Smokey to me and his close friends (he was nicknamed Smokey in grade school - after the Pittsburgh Pirates’s catcher Smokey Burgess).  He never lost his great sense of humor, and I treasure the memories of the last times we spent in the car together - reliving all of the good (and crazy) times we’d had.  You could write a book of "Smokey stories".  I spent Thanksgiving afternoon with him as well, and while unconscious… I hope he heard my side of our final “conversation”.  I loved him like a brother as did Carol; she was his favorite Grass.  He will be sorely missed.

It’s crazy to think that 3 of the 6 men in this picture ended up in the bridal industry, having NO connection to it at the time of my wedding.  Harder to believe is that 2 of the 3 of us are now “gone”.   See “Gone Fishing” - my blog post about my best man Mike Raske.

Continuing the circle (backwards), I attended 3 weddings in the last few months.  Amanda Moreadith (my co-worker and Fred’s daughter) was married in October in Hershey, PA and the wedding was beautiful.  She wore 2 different Paloma Blanca gowns (OF COURSE) and rocked them both.  

I also attended my first destination wedding in Jamaica in December.  Not only was it enlightening from a business sense, but it was a great excuse to get out of the cold.  The son of a very close friend since high school Mike Margolis (and best friends with Steve) was the groom, and I can see why destination weddings have become so popular - the wedding was very cool.  Some of Steve’s friends were there as well, and it was cathartic to laugh and tell “Smokey stories" on the beach for a few days.  In late December Steve’s son Matt was married in Philadelphia.  It was an emotional day for all, especially Gigi.  Steve had so hoped to be able to “make it” to the wedding but…

Completing the circle (backwards again), my 3rd son Dan and Rebecca has their first child Noah Jacob Grass in January.  Momma and baby are doing fine, and Dan is already learning how to be a great father (no surprise there).  Noah is our 5th grandchild and we are now 15 people during family get-togethers.  The Grass Family is truly blessed.

Life is a gift and we should all take time to marvel at “The Circle of Life”.  Rest In Peace Steve.

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