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Selling is all about solving problems, and  we are all in the “Sales Business”.  In order for you to get your bride to say “yes to the dress” TODAY, you have to handle her objections (aka “reasons for not making a decision”).  Things like “This is the first store I’ve been in” or “I need my Mom (and 14 of my closest friends to see the dress before I can commit” are the makings of a future article/blob post.  To get her to agree that “This is the perfect dress”, you have to overcome all kinds of things (jump through hoops) to get her “there”.  The ability to customize a gown can go a long way towards countering these objections, and Paloma/Mikaella offers a myriad of these options.


The first things that come to mind are necklines and backs.  Deep Vs and notched necklines have become very popular over the past few seasons.  If your bride wants a notch filled in with lace or fabric, or the depth of the notch raised a few inches - NO PROBLEM.   Suppose her “perfect” gown has a low back, but she needs to wear a bra which would require the back to be raised a few inches - NO PROBLEM.

Let’s say the last bride on a Saturday comes in and informs you that she is getting married in Jamaica in 10 weeks, and hasn’t bought her dress yet.  You may be inclined to advise her that she will need to buy off the rack because manufacturers typically require 4-5 months to produce their gowns.  But instead of being “negative” (plus there is an unwarranted stigma for many brides about buying off the rack), you could inform her that you carry Paloma/Mikaella and it would be NO PROBLEM to get her a dress in 4-6 weeks (if need be... and even sooner for extenuating circumstances) and meet her deadline.  There is a rush fee of course, but it is a reasonable one and depends on how soon the wear date is.

Now suppose your bride is “a little out of proportion”, and would require you to order a larger size to accommodate her hips… but then require the bodice and bust to be taken in substantially during alterations.  What if ordering a size 10 top with a size 14 skirt would eliminate most of the required alterations, and make the sale easier to close?  If she has chosen a Paloma/Mikaella gown this is NO PROBLEM.

I’m sure you can see a pattern here… but let’s take it even further.  Let’s suppose that it is 4:45 on a Saturday and you close at 5PM.  You have been working with a bride for over an hour and she has narrowed it down to her 2 favorites.  And then it happens!  She informs you that she loves the bodice of one gown but wants the skirt of the other.  Instead of looking at your watch and saying “Maybe we should set up another appointment so we can try on some different styles”… wouldn’t you love to say “NO PROBLEM - because these are both Paloma styles and the designer could combine the 2 dresses for you!"  It kind of mirrors a separates program, but without you having to invest in tops and skirts that will be difficult, if not not impossible to ever sell off.

I haven’t even mentioned “closing a slit (without a seam), lining a bodice, or adding straps” and I could go on and on.  Owning our own factory in Toronto (not in China) gives us the ability to make all of these changes or meet a close wear date - and even both if need be.  Now there is a charge for all of these customizations, but they are reasonable under the circumstances.  There are rare occasions when there is something that we can’t do.  But there will be a good reason why… and it will be communicated to you.

Stores have been getting more and more calls from their brides for clean and simple designs, and no one does “Clean and Simple” like Paloma Blanca and Mikaella!

If you are already carrying us, you know full well what I say here.  If you are not currently working with us and any of this intrigues you, feel free to reach out to me.  Either way I wish you a successful season.  HG

Ps.  My Family is doing great!  Wishing you all the best.  Peace and Love, H

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