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When you host your own blog you get to write about whatever you want.  I love telling stories, and this is a beautiful one with a special ending.

My oldest son Justin and his wife Kate were married last May in a beautiful ceremony on the Main Line and yes... Kate WAS a Paloma Bride (besides being loving and beautiful she is VERY smart ).  In October they informed us that they were expecting their first child, and Carol and I were overjoyed.  

They chose not to find out the sex of the baby beforehand, and so all through the Spring there were discussions about name possibilities for both girls and boys.  Now I've been through this before having 2 granddaughters from Andrew and Lindsay.  I vaguely remember the weeks leading up to the births where name possibilities were discussed - but it was ALWAYS about the "first name" only.  Never once with my 2 girlies nor with Justin and Kate was there ever a mention of a possible middle name for the newborn.

So by the time Kate's Family and Carol and I were patiently waiting in the Waiting Room in the Maternity Ward of Paoli Hospital (maybe it was "impatiently waiting"), it had been narrowed down to 2 possible girl names, and either Caleb or Sullivan if it was a boy...and that they would decide on the name after they "saw" him or her.  At about 9PM on June 26th, Justin walked beaming into the waiting room to announce that Kate had delivered a 9 lb. 10 oz., 23" baby boy about 30 minutes earlier.  A GRANDSON, and our first one.  And from our oldest son, and Kate and the baby were doing fine, and we were overjoyed.  But wait... what was his name?  And then Justin told us "Sullivan Howard Grass".  The middle name often gets overlooked, and rightfully so.  But this one had a familiar ring, and then it dawned on me - THEY NAMED HIM AFTER ME!  

Never in my 59 1/2 years did I once consider the possibility that a grandchild of mine might be named after me, and when it hit me - tears streamed down my face (and I don't cry easily).  I'm "only" an Account Executive in the Bridal B usiness.  I'm never going to win an Emmy; I'm not getting elected into Cooperstown; and I have no shot of winning a Nobel Prize - and that's fine by me (I'm a very private person anyway). This is just about as good as it gets for someone like me.  Now I do expect to have more grandsons than just Sullivan having, 4 sons of my own, and Nanny and PopPop have already been blessed with 2 amazing granddaughters - Devyn Leigh and Madison Rae.  But I now am assured that The Grass Name will live on for another generation, and that makes me very pleased indeed.

And maybe just maybe... one day in the future when I'm "long gone", a young child will ask at a Family Get-together "Where did Sullivan get his middle name?".  My hope is that someone will answer that he was named after Howard Jay Grass, and that he was a good husband and father, a gentleman, and a kind and decent Human Being.

The Grass Family in general, and Howard Grass in particular are truly blessed.  HG
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